Services We Provide
Product Types:                   Retail / Office / Industrial / Multi-Family / Self Storage
 Single Tenant or Multi-Tenant
                                          Owner Occupied or Investor

Loan Amount:                      $500,000 - $10,000,000

Loan to Value                      75% to 80% Maximum

Loan Term:                          3 to 20 Years

Loan Amortization:               25 Years Maximum

Interest Rate:                       Spread Over Corresponding Treasury.

Loan Assumption:                Yes.
Prepayment:                         Step Down Schedule or Yield Maintenance

Recourse:                             Recourse and Non-recourse loans available

Lenders:                               Institutional.

Origination Fee:                   1% with a $10,000 minimum.

Loan margin, rates and terms are based on the amount of the loan and an
analysis of the specific characteristics of the property, such as its type, location,
operating history, use, age and construction, as well as the borrower’s financial
strength and management experience. All loans are subject to standard terms
and conditions in lenders loan documents. Programs are subject to change
without notice.